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Margaret Stiles Storm – President

Dorothy Cool – Vice President

Open Position – Secretary

Melvena Benham – Treasurer

Board Members

Dr. Mildred Wintz – Archivist

In Memory of
Deyon Boughton 1929 – 2023

In Memory Deyon Boughton 1929-2023

Deyon was a cherished volunteer and contributor to the Florence Historical Archive. Her vivid stories of her amazing 93 years of life were captivating. She is greatly missed and will be fondly remembered by all.

In Memory of
Carol McNew 1935 – 2021

In Memory Carol McNew 1935-2021, Florence Historical Archive

Carol was a valued board member and Facebook contributor to the Florence Historical Archive. She will live in the hearts of all who knew her. The rich heritage of Fremont County is recorded because of her dedication. History Belongs to Everyone!