Our Mission

Florence Historical Archive, Inc.

The mission of the Florence Historical Archive, Inc. is to make historical data available to everyone through protecting and preserving the history, photographs, and stories of Colorado.

Our Vision

An organized cohesive searchable database, a historical repository, and public research center for educational, cultural, community and personal enrichment.

Our Objective

Easy access to historic information through accession lists and a searchable data base.  Collaboration with historical organizations, municipalities, and people to preserve collections and support history related events of educational and historical organizations in the regions.


A Repository of Historical Documents

We preserve and protect local flat history such as records, photos, maps, newspapers, books, diaries, and letters. We assist local organizations in indexing and storing their history.

A Public Research Center

We provide a welcoming research environment free to the public and research assistance for visitors via telephone or email.

An Education Resource

We create programs, exhibits, audiovisual materials, lectures, and other educational tools for teachers, students, and the public.