Christmas Cards and Letter 2019

Christmas Card 2019, Orphan Train
Colorado was the first western region of the country to receive orphans through the “Placing Out” Programs of New York City’s Children’s Aid Society.
The Denver and Rio Grande had a fleet of five Leslie Type Rotary Snow Plows operating Colorado

Christmas Letter by Dorothy Cool

 John C. Fremont came to Florence Co. to visit and solicit his old friend, Kit Carson, to come with him on another of their several treks across the West during the early days of our nation. Kit was living in the Placita (Spanish fort) ( Fort La Duc) south of the Arkansas River where Hardscrabble is today. The town of Florence wasn’t even a twinkle in anyone’s eye at that time.

That information can be found in the Florence Historical Archives.
  Four years ago we moved into a vacant area in the Florence City Hall and began making improvements to the space.  It had  previously housed the emergency rooms of the 1970’s old hospital. Little by little with help from valued volunteers the dark and dingy rooms are becoming a pleasant work place.  The old x-ray area will be remodeled by the end of the year. Thanks to new sheet rocking, painting, flooring and muscle from volunteers. Money needed for the improvements has been donated by our patrons. We thank you.  
  Our four original archivists’ has grown to ten workers.  Many are specialists from ’find a grave,’ to librarians, to teachers, and insurance workers. Some are specialists in finance, and others in writing books and magazines, but we all have one thing in common, we love history.  History abounds here in Fremont County and goes back to the days when John C. Fremont himself, came through.
  All volunteers, no one draws a salary.  Inventory has increased by leaps and bounds from the original historic collection of John and Carol Fox.  We’ve gained the Rialto Theater, Florence Chamber of Commerce, Territorial Daughters, Cotter Corp, Paradox newspaper collection, Daily Record Newspaper, the Holcum collection, not to mention the history collections of many private citizens.
  Digitizing our Microfilm collection is in the works. Presently we have a web site at  We are open four days a week (Monday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) and will gladly help with your research.
  Thank you for your past assistance.  We look forward to whatever you can  donate today.  Thank you in advance.
  We designed and printed this card as an accurate representation of history here in Southern Colorado.

Railroad Display in Fremont County Administration Building, Canon City

An amazing display of the trains of Fremont County in a vertical display case created by the members of the archive who built the track, oil wells and train stations from scratch and painted mountains, rivers, and other landscape features over several weeks. Check it out!