The Archives Research Center is open for public use M, W, Th, F from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.  The center provides a quiet, comfortable work area. Independent or assisted research is free. We do ask for compensation for copies (10 cents for black and white and 15 cents for color) and postage.  We do not charge for photographing our files, or for emailing digital copies to individuals.

The following three lists in bold type show how archive accession numbers support current and future media collections such as maps genealogy, photographs and donated collections.

Master Accession Box List Boxes by Title

Demographic Binders Binders by Title

Collections by Type or Donating Organization Collections by Title

A searchable index of our collection can be accessed online by contacting the Archive. This index boasts over 22,000 lines; or about 17,500 entries.  For information on accessing the searchable index, email

This list represents some of the holdings at the Archive that may be of interest to genealogists, teachers, and local history researchers. 
     Birth & Death Records  3 Boxes Region Hand copied
     Businesses 4 Boxes Florence & Region Photos, records, newspaper clippings
     Cemetery Records 31 Binders Union Highland, Florence Often Includes Obituaries
     Cemetery Records San Juan Bautista, Florence
     Census Box 1910 Fremont County
     Census CD 1891 Great Britain
     Churches 1 Box Florence & Coal Towns
     City Directories Books/Files County, Canon, Florence 1861-1977, County, Cities, Bus (not all years)
     Family Files 100+ Folders     Individual Families docs, clippings, letters, photos
     Fossils Box
     History, early Book Florence & Area
     Hospital Box St. Joseph
     Library Box Florence First, Carnegie, JCFLD
     Maps 7 Boxes County, Florence, RR 1870 – the 1970s
     Marriage Records 1 Box Region
     Mines 2 Boxes Region Coal, Gold, Silver, Mills, Smelters
     Museum 1 Box Price Pioneer Museum
     Newspapers 6 Binders Newspaper Indexes/Briefs Florence Area newspapers
     Newspapers Boxes Original, Pioneer Editions 1900 – Present
     Newspapers Bound/Boxes Originals, Florence Citizen 1940 – Present
     Newspapers 12 Boxes Originals, Florence Citizen 1890 -1920s (incomplete collection)
         Paradox, Refiner, Exparte
     Newspapers 5 Boxes Microfilm Rolls 1896 – 1941 (incomplete collection)  
         Citizens, County Democrat, see list below
     Obituaries Folders/Boxes Regional Early Settlement to present
    Oil 2 Boxes Fremont & Custer County docs, clippings, letters, photos
    Organizations 3 Boxes Florence and area docs, clippings, letters, photos
    Poor Farm Box Fremont County Records
    Railroads 3 Boxes D&RG, F&CC, AT&SF, Elec Local/County/Region, docs, clippings, photos
    Schools 3 Boxes Fremont County, East School censuses, histories, photos, clipping Custer County
    Towns 12 Boxes Individual Towns, Camps, Docs, maps, clippings, photos
   Settlements, in Fremont and Custer Counties including; 
     Beaver Creek, Chandler, 
    Coal Creek, Cotopaxi, Florence,  
    Fremont, Hardscrabble, Hillside, 
    Howard, Ilse, Labran, Penrose, 
    Radiant (aka Radient, Kenwood), 
    Rockvale, Silver Cliff, Westcliffe, 
    Wetmore, Williamsburg
 Transportation Box Roads, Auto, etc. Not Railroads
 Water Rights Binder
 Books and Periodicals and local and regional history       
    Colorado Magazine  – Many issues Historical Articles  
Independent Collections  Colorado Territorial Daughters (Southern Chapter),
   Deyon Boughton-Cotter EPA Super Fund Site
   Florence Chamber of Commerce
   Rialto Theatre, 
Micro Film
Several newspapers from Florence and surrounding areas from 1896 to 1941
Colorado State Library Historical Newspaper Collection